Kin Juice Shaved Of Sayo Lost Treasure Girl Geek Club Consciousness(2014)

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Unforgettable Poses in Sex (2011)

Cold Heart Canyon (2008)

In L.A.'s Laurel Canyon, Karen has a dream that her sister Heather is in danger, but Heather seems safe enough, having just moved to a remote spur of the canyon to distance herself from her ex-husband. She's a writer, and she's soon met several men - Marcus, who helps her the day she moves in, neighbors Daniel and Marisa for whom she cooks dinner, and Michael her landlord who cleans her pool weekly. Daniel warns her away from Marcus even as he makes a play for her and invites her to participate in sexual escapades - some enjoyable, some not. Then it becomes clear that Karen's anxiety dream was prescient. Who can Heather trust, and does she figure it out too late?

102 Sex Positionen (2010)

Brothers & Sisters 2 (2014)

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